August 29, 2010

Crazy Quilting

The HGTV 2010 Tea Cup Party Block Challenge is over, winners announced, and I can now reveal my block, "An Outdoor Tea". 

Nicki Lee (Hostess and Creative Person that came up with this Challenge) sent each contestant the following items to be used in our project:
a tea cup focus block
a piece of lace
2 fabrics
2 charms

I sketched out a whimsical design onto a hexagon foundation,  taking the viewer on a "merry-go-round" of color and interest.  I went with complimentary colors around the tea cup, to keep it visible.

The white lace and white satin pieces became the accent color.  The satins, both white, were just different enough to do something interesting... I weaved them together, and then cut them out into 4" whimsical diamond shapes.

Once the tea cup focus block was done, I appliqued all the pieces, including the crazy-quilted outer leaves, onto the hexagon foundation.

The satin was also used as yo-yo.
This completely covered in stitches.
And, all those pretty laces you see...they are hand-dyed by Nicki Lee's RavioLee Dreams.

The dragonflies and butterfly were the perfect shades of Blue for this block.
By adding them, they set the tone for the "Outdoor Tea" theme.

Presently the size is 16" x 20".
Plans are to turn this into a pillow.

... ... ... ... ... ...
So, what about the Challenge, the Contest? 
The Winners are as follows:
#33 took... 1st Place
#31 took... 2nd Place
#28 took... 3rd Place
#21 received ...most votes overall

    View the 2010 Tea Cup Party CQ Challenge & Contest Album Here        


  1. Jessica, your block is Beaustiful. It's easy to see a lot of work went into making it. Thanks for sharing the close ups with us. It was really hard for me to see the details in the blocks on the flickr site and was amazed at how much more is revealed in the close ups. Gorgeous block!!!!

  2. Thank you, Donna.

    I agree with you on the pictures, our only solution is to meet up with each other, have a CQ Tea Cup Party and admire everyone's work!

    Keep up your Crazy Quilting!
    I'm one of your biggest fans!

  3. Sis,
    I just love it!!! What a beautiful contest, and variety of talent. It is amazing to see zoom in to see the detailed work. For sale??? Ummmmmmm . . .

    Love, Sis

  4. Absolutely gorgeous!!!!! Love all the great stitching arrangements and the additional woven piece adds a nice touch.

  5. Thank you much. I knew I was stepping into an arena of incredible talent, but I liked the challenge. And, it has given me some new ideas!

    I now need glasses! All those little stitches, is hard on the eyes.

  6. Hi Jes from CA! I wanted to congratulate you on your beautiful creation - it was my favorite and I am so proud of you stepping your game up and making something so gorgeous. I wish we could have posted tons of close ups so everyone could have seen all the beautiful work. You did a fabulous job!!!!

  7. Nicki (Teach-r),

    That was a great Challenge. A lot of work, but FUN.
    I got so used to the colors I was working on - it was a real treat to see everyone's work. The beautiful colors used, made me smile over and over. There were many who created a piece with sentiment, which will make wonderful heirlooms.
    Amazing how many of us in the group recently got started in the "CQ World" with the help of you CQ Teachers (including Kathy, Sherry, Jody, Shawl and others). Some newbies have quickly sped away with personal talent!
    I have my CQ Lesson folder right by my side, for reference! I have put the extra sleeve in the dining table just to "spread" everything out (fabric, beads, threads, etc.). I love it!

    Have fun with the family! Enjoy time with the Grand-babies!!
    Oh, and have fun shopping for laces!

  8. Jessica!! What a beautiful block you made. That is so much fun being able to do a challenge like that. I have been thinking of joining the HGTV board now. I mean all of you were so giving and amazing while I was in the hospital I would love to get in contact with more of those amazing people and be able to do fun challenges and projects. My mom has been not on the boards in a long time so I will try to maybe get her back to doing it as well. Great Job!! You have some amazing talent girl.

  9. Join the HGTV group, Lyndsay! And, be sure to keep a notebook of ideas, when you do! I enjoy the diversity of projects shared there. Sometimes, during a discussion, a word or phrase will trigger, I keep paper near by!
    ~ You and your mom are very dear to the HGTV group, you will "feel the love" once you start posting. BTW...they will really enjoy the quilting you've done!
    ~ Love the new look of your blog! And, your profile picture!
    Sending Caring Hugs to you and family

  10. So beautiful, Jess. Thanks for the close ups. It's always fun to see them and admire all the hard work!

  11. Thank you much, Judy. I'm still working on this. Next week I'll post an updated picture.

    Weather changing?


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