July 10, 2010

Summer.....slow down

I'm playing catching up.
June is gone.  Most of it was devoted to family time (lots of hugs).
I am feeling very Blessed.
I added some great travel pictures on my blog, A Turtle's Journal,
if you want to take a look!

These fish are keeping me busy, stitching and beading!
I'll finish with these orders and then be starting something new with
the "Fringy Fish" inspiration...

I've also signed up for the Tea Cups CQ Block Challenge, hosted by Nicki Lee.
I better get started on that - deadline August 15th (extended to Aug. 25th)
Not allowed to show pictures yet, but I will once everyone is finished and
blocks are voted on.  Its also a Contest, with Prizes!


  1. I feel like July is going fast, too!

  2. You've been busy, Shogun! Hope the rest of the Summer allows you plenty of time to sew and garden!

    Just got word that the Tea Cup deadline has been pushed to Aug. 25!
    Happy Dance!! !! !!

  3. Jes - your fish are FABULOUS!!!!! I hope you've had a great summer ... Have I told you how proud I am of all the CQing you've been doing? I can't wait to see your Teacup!

  4. You are a great teacher, Nicki!!!


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