July 21, 2010

Esme's Jewel

This little fish is ready for a trip across America, to its new home.

From a pile of fabrics, Esme chose bright and
cheery prints!

Since finishing the project, I read Tangerines symbolic of good luck and
Oranges represent wealth, according to Chinese traditions.


  1. Adorable fish, hope they had a good trip. I like your new background too.

  2. Hey There, Kathy!

    I like this background too!
    The Coral color is a favorite!

    Busy beading here. Very thankful that last night's weather didn't include a tornado - we were under a Tornado Watch and Warning all night long. Sounded like cannons firing!
    ....a nap is needed!!

  3. I love the fabric used to create these little beauties. Wonderful job. I also love the new look of the blog page. It is so refreshing when you look at it, nice choice on colors.

  4. Hi Lyns! Thank you! These fish get hanged all around, in every room as I work on them - I feel like I'm in a fish tank! ...a very happy place!

    I like the blog page too! I went to change a color and blogspot has changed it's options, so I chose a whole new design. Still have to figure out how to blog on it!

    My prayers are that you are doing well and enjoying the Summer. :)

  5. Sis,
    I just love these! I need to place an order for 8 of them - Christmas is coming!!!
    Love, Sis

  6. Okay! Yes, early ordering is good!

    I have new fabrics for the Asian collection!


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