June 15, 2010

This is Whimsy

My travels have included a visit to see my sister. 
While there, we were able to attend her art class exhibition.  
What an honor to see her work, she's really flourishing. 
..this is Whimsy.

My sister has found her creative touch in collage. 
This is from her sculpture assignment.

I'm just so in love with this.
It's like Miss Whimsy/Miss Carnival!
...I'm going to figure out a way
to incorporate it in the title.

Now for a few of her sketches and artwork,
which she has allowed me to share here!
The Lesson
inspired by...Botticelli.

This beautiful watercolor was the result of
the teacher's husband's challenge to take their work to the next level!
Great job!

 This one is called Friends.


  1. Thank you, Joy, for the beautiful gift! She's artsy and eclectic!

  2. Beautiful pieces of art. Sisters with wonderful talents.

  3. Oh thank you, Kathy!
    I walked into her home and she was getting ready for the exhibit, pieces of art all over the room to oodle! I wish Mother Nature was finished to share...it's another collage piece. The first thing I saw was Whimsy, so I was really surprised when I was told that it was going home with me!
    I sure enjoyed listening to the artists that she admires and the art history classes that she's been taking.

  4. Thanks for stopping by! I finally read your updated profile and learned that you did relocate to the Midwest....a bit different for you probably than here in the PNW. I grew up in WI and don't miss the winters...... Enjoyed seeing your sis's work; she is talented, as are you!

  5. Happy Summer, Judy!
    I LOVE Wisconsin!! Wow, you could really share with me! I understand that this Winter was super mild...Yay! I wasn't ready for anything but mild! Love the trees, the lakes, the beautiful countryside! Very Americana!
    Email me when you can!
    Thank you for the compliments! As twins, we get to "share" a lot of ideas!

  6. OMG! Jes! How did I miss this beautiful piece of art.... oh.... she is gorgeous. Your sister did a fabulous job on her and if she ever decides she wants another sister please give her my name. I love it!

  7. Nicki, You're officially a part of this family!
    Thank you for the kind words!
    I arrived at my sister's just as she was choosing what was going to the exhibit, art everywhere....fun!


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