May 3, 2010

The Store, the Fabric

I walked through my first Joann Fabric Decor store.
At least, I think that's what they called it!  ...It's a big store.

These Fat Quarters caught my attention...

Along with a pretty magazine.....

Quilt on cover by
Sheryl Anicich

The quilt on this page Sealed the Deal - it goes with the Fat Quarters (I told myself).
The book and magazine selection was big. I've got to go back - just to look at books.

Fat Quarters - I try not buy them, But, here I am, buying them.

A pretty Spring project in the magazine.

This is the October '09 issue of New Zealand Quilter #69
Some great projects in it.


  1. Loving the fabric with the fish!

  2. Jessica,
    When I first looked at your fish fabric I thought you had made small tray type accessories stacked by size. I thought wow what a great fabric combination. Then I noticed the white sticking out in the middle. :)I remember seeing fabric with Koi, wonder if I have some. Your magazine looks cool too.

  3. Those FQs were the ones rolled up, not folded, in case anyone is in the store, looking for them!!

    I'm leaning toward a hexagon project with these...maybe a dark to light layout?

    The quilt on the cover of the magazine is by Sheyl Anicich - I thought it was so pretty! She's made a series of flower quilts, combiningthe New York Beauty block and applique flowers.
    Very inspiring!

    Find your Koi fabric, Kathy!!

  4. I love the composition of the cover on the magazine. Very striking!

    The song on my other comment. Go to You Tube and type in Blue Moon. Click on Chris Isaak's video. I love it!

    Check out my blog. I've got cat fish photos!

    Oh. And you can't have my birds. I think they eat the summer mosquitoes around here. Sorry.

  5. What great pictures, Sherry!
    Kitty-cat looks happy!

  6. Did you also check out their beads? A great place for CQ folk...


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