May 13, 2010

The Raku Effect...

Mother's Day weekend was beautiful,
in every sense of the word.

Fabulous weather for a drive up to Lake Superior.....

All I ever need is to be outside, enjoying Nature.

A mysterious island, just out of range of the zoom lens.

We noticed a grouping of buildings at the end of the drive around the park, one was a Pottery Gallery and it was open .   Hubby asked if I wanted to stop.  
Uh, Yes!

Upon entering his gallery, you are instantly surrounded by color.....amazing color!

We enjoyed meeting the artist, Ed Risak- and learning about his firing technique, using a Raku method.  Once Ed mentioned Raku, an ancient Japanese firing technique, I felt a connection. I've been reading up on ancient Japanese hand-dyeing techniques - one site included Raku pottery.
I felt like we were meant to stop here! 

Using the minerals from this region, Ed achieves these unique colors. I invite you to take a look at Risak Pottery online. I am certain that you will find his work amazing as we did!

I got a Moon Box, which happens to look like it was kissed by an aurora-borealis!


  1. Great photos - I always feel happiest when I am outside and Michigan has so many great places to be outside.

    I also love Raku pottery and have a friend who makes pottery that way. It's always great when you can meet the artist and hear about their techniques. The Ann Arbor Art Fair (in July) is a great place to see lots of cool pottery and other types of art.

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos.

  2. Judy, You are okay! I didn't do a big write-up! The beginning of the year a work-related opportunity came up and we are here, along Lake Michigan! An area of the States that I have never seen, even when I was in the travel industry...So much to see and do here that I started The Turtle's Journal blog....for travel pictures! I will never get to enjoy it all here...there's so much to do!
    I'll be back for visits!

    Shogun - Yes! Truly a joy!
    Made me want to put an apron on and throw some clay - it's been so long since I've done pottery myself.
    Thank you for the info about the Art Show. I'm looking online for event calendars for Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan!

  3. I hope that you had a wonderful mothers Day. Those pictures you took are amazing they look so peaceful and look like it is a picture of a wonderful day. Hope you are enjoying life and all it has to offer. Take care Jessica. Thanks for your friendship over the past couple years. I have cherished it very much.
    Take Care,

  4. Lyndsay, what a
    wonderful surprise!
    DH and I say Hellooooo!

    I hope you are staying busy doing fun stuff!
    I pray that you are continuing on that path of health & happiness.

    This area has its own stamp on beauty. The lakes, the trees and areas of rolling hills. I could fill an album with pictures of dairy farms, it's so Americana!
    We've taken every opportunity to see the sites - We have also come to the conclusion that it will take years to see everything!
    You and family are always in our thoughts! Hugs to all :)


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