May 15, 2010

Laces, Beautiful Laces!

My  Nicki Lee's RavioLee Dreams  laces are here.


I love this part...Nicki wraps them in pretty tissues, and I can't wait to
see what was sent!

The colors!! 

Dainty Pinks!  Perfect for Vintage Crazy Quilting...

I can't be without Nicki's Blue!
These hues, a reflection of the beautiful Cape in her area...

(included in the picture is Nicki's
hand-dyed ribbons)

You are an artist, and I am thrilled beyond words, that you are a part of my  
perfect quilting world! know how I keep saying, "be prepared to put together
an inspirational book", because you just never know! (Time for the artist to be photographed as she works!)
Your photographs of the laces, I think they would make beautiful wall art!  
Hugs from your #1 Fan!
Now, for my next order...
a package of Yellows and those Mixed Color/Batik-looking laces.

Want to know how to order your laces from Nicki?
Take a look at her Etsy store!


  1. These are truly lovely, Jes. Thanks for the link!

  2. You are welcome!
    I'm going to add a couple more pictures...!

  3. happy you are excited about them. When I'm dying them up I get such a thrill sometimes... talking to myself saying "ohhhh I love this one, I love that one" I've thought about putting a book together of all the pictures I've taken of them - it would be a very colorful book fer sure!

  4. Nicki - It would be hard to give up such treasures!
    I will be putting in another order soon. I'll let you know when I'm back from trip. :)
    ....I hope the weather stays mild for you - I keep picturing your laces as they dry on the cute octopus-like clip/holder (from Ikea)!

  5. I would have been excited too. They are beautiful. She has always done beautiful dying with her laces.


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