April 13, 2010

Change for better

I'm so glad that I set this project aside before calling it done -
I know, I did call it done, but I didn't put a backing on it!

Rip, rip, rip...
Added more fabric, and what a difference.  I think it's better.  :)
I have an idea for embellishment and then I can quilt it.

It's now a 40" square table-topper


  1. This looks great! I think you should make it a quilt...

  2. Hi Jessica,
    the tabletopper looks lovely.
    By the way, after a coputer-crash I lost Your adress, would You be so kind and email me Your new adress once again?
    A big hug

  3. Thank you Miss Tara! I needed your artsy-eye for this! ~ Miss You ~

    Hi Heike! Yes, I'll email you!
    A card is on it's way to you! :)

  4. Love the color combo! Miss T is right, it would make a beautiful quilt!
    Love, Sis

  5. Hello Sis! You think I should too!

  6. Hi girlfriend!
    You know I'm not a fan of the color orange but this is really pretty! You've done a great job putting it together.... isn't it great when you get on that sewing roll?
    Nicki Lee

  7. Hi Nicki Lee!
    As I write, it's snowing! I just hope it's not headed your way. You need sunshine, for about 2 years!
    As I read your comment I thought about Orange and Blues....that's an interesting direction! Gotta get out the color wheel!

    Side-lined the last couple of weeks, but am going to be able to get back to projects at hand!

    Hope you're past the floods and back to enjoying your arts!


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