March 22, 2010

Maybe.....we'll see!

I'll be away for the week, taking pictures.
Observing Spring in her "early hour".
One project that I'm taking with me, is this fun Flower Block. 

I'm into making flowers, thank you very much, Tom Russell!
While we were making Nicki Lee's flowers a week ago, someone on the
quilting board, mentioned that these flowers would be pretty, added to
candles.....I agree!   I did just that, there's a picture along the side of the page.

Idea: A small project.....a garden fence background, adding flowers, beads, etc..
Since buying Ricky Tims' Convergence Quilts book, I've been wanting to make
something - so, this is me, sticking one foot in! 
I've got more slicing on the block to do, how much more?  I don't know!  
What direction am I going with this...we'll see!

A little update ~

Making flowers.  Trying out yo-yos for the centers, these don't
have beading yet....that's coming.

Time didn't allow me to continue cutting this foundation, I wanted to be able to
take it with me, so I ended up adding what is going to be a "garden fence". 
Still building up the background stitching, then will come the beading.

Enjoy Your Sewing!


  1. You are just so creative! The flowers look great on it.

  2. I've GOT to make some of those flowers!

    I received a blog award today and decided to accept it. Along with the award came a request to pass it along to 12 other bloggers who "inspire others with positivity and creativity." I choose you!


  3. Hallo aus Deutschland,

    habe gerade deinem Blog einen Besuch abgestattet.

    Liebe Grüße

  4. Have fun whereever you go!

    and this is so neat...I am not the first person I see...

    You have been tagged with the Sunshine Bloggers Award! Take a peek at my blog to see what it is all about! Congratulations!!

  5. These are beautiful colors that go together really well. The flowers are adorable and really fun... I'm thinking about all the different things you can put those flowers on!

    Your creativity is endless.
    I love you mom, miss you tons!

  6. Love the flowers, whimsy and romantic!
    Love, Sis

  7. Hello Family and Friends!

    I am traveling all over the place and enjoying it. It's always about the lake and sometimes that lake looks like the ocean, especially when the wind kicks up and creates white caps.

    The food here is great, we keep ordering the fish! We've never had Walleye before, it's good.
    I just watched on the news about some members of an Indian tribe down near the lake doing a Return of the Fish ceremony....I'm interested in what kind of fish is in that-there lake! We heard Walleye and Perch, but there must be more.

    I sketched out the Flower Block, just now basting the vines and stems. Made a lot of flowers while on the trip!

    Tara and Joy....hugs! miss u!

    Friends! You are always supporting me! Thank you!!
    I feel like we have have this creative circle between us and we keep inspiring each other!

    I'm going to have to check out the blog awards! Thank you so much, Sherry and Thearica!

    Margit! Hello!
    I have visited your blog, your embroidery is beautiful.
    I really love the embroidery that you put up in your, that's lovely!
    Hope we visit each other often!

    Well, I better work on the Mystery project that Jayardi has posted for the End of the Season PJ Party! This Winter has been so much fun working on/learning how to make sewing projects that normally we don't schedule time for. Having a group to work with, seeing a variety of fabrics being used has been very uplifting.

  8. I still love this.

    To answer your question. Nope. I don't even know where I put the fabric. That would be a good project to start on tomorrow afternoon. After I find the fabric and fo...wait, I see the foam.

  9. Sherry....tell me that we're still friends when you get in the middle of the fish project!!!
    They get easier to make after you've made a few! :)


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