March 20, 2010

Last Night's Party

 Tom Russell  was our Guest Teacher on the HGTV Quilting Board last night!
Tom's quilts are full of color and dimension.  I have often admired his creativity!   So, when the opportunity arrived to learn one of his (beautiful) quilt details... many of us on the forum jumped at the chance.

He shared how to make these beautiful dimensional flowers. 

Yes, this is another reason to hold on to tiny bits o' fabric.  I worked with batiks.

The PJ Parties are full of creativity, inspiration and most-definitely humorous.  Tom not only is a very talented quilter, he has a great sense of fun.

As I recall, that was the most-attended class of all!

These little flowers have so many possibilities!
(You'll notice that I'm adding these flowers to some of the Fish Charms!)

I couldn't wait to make a mini using Flowers as the theme.

... be sure to visit Tom on his new blog!  
Tom Russell Quilts

Update: 2010 Friday Night PJ Parties to start up again.
If you are interested in joining in, just click on the HGTV Quilting Forum link.
Sign up so that you can participate! There is no cost to join in on the fun.
There will soon be a schedule of projects posted by the hostesses, Jayardi and Nicki Lee.
HGTV Quilting/Needlework Message Forum

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  1. Adorable!!! I'll have to print the directions for when I have time.


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