March 6, 2010

"Kenya", the dancin' Dotee

Making Dotee Dolls is the most recent Friday Night PJ Party w/ Thearica (HGTV Quilting Forum).

Last year, Thearica, contacted the creator of the Dotee Doll, Dorothy Christian, about doing a Swap on the HGTV Quilting Forum.  I enjoyed hearing about the doll and doll craze that has gone all around the world (the craze also taking Dorothy by surprise).  I watched the doll swap from the sidelines, secretly wishing that I had signed up (at the time I was busy making fish for the summer season).  

This picture of a dancing African Dotee came to mind... so I worked on a design for movement.

She's got curves!

Found the perfect fabric, and cutting it on the diagonal will give the doll that dancing-look.

I am so pleased with her! 

Thank You, Thearica, for a wonderfully-fun class.
And, a big thank you, to the Dotee Doll creator, Dorothy Christian.
I admire your creativity!


  1. How CUTE! You did a great job! I'm still suffering from the after-affects of a virus I had this week and haven't done much.

    BTW, I bought the supplies to make something similar to your market fish for my step-son's girlfriend. You have to be getting really, really good bucks for them! I was amazed at what just the supplies cost! Thank goodness I'm planning on making only one! ;)

  2. Thank you, Sherry :)
    I'm so glad I took up Thearica's offer of teaching us about Dotee dolls! I have Dorothy's Blog (creator of Dotee's) on the blog page too, she's so creative!

    Have fun making the fish! You'll probably be asked to make another one!!

    The new ones that I make from here on out are going to be "one of a kinds"!

  3. That's terrific.
    A big hug

  4. Thank you, Heiki! I just gave the doll 2 legs to dance on (family asking the same question - one leg?) It's my first Dotee, I don't know if it's supposed to be accurate or artsy?!
    You should be getting a card from me very soooon!

  5. I really like it and it looks like it is dancing! I missed this lesson Friday night - hope to be at the next one.

  6. Thank you, Shogun! You might take a look at the PJ Party thread for Quiltaholic's posts...she made it look quick and easy. With your artful eye, I know you'd make a beautiful Dotee!

    With bits of fabric laying around, I thought it was time to do another Twilt! It's the next post!

  7. She is so cute and very creative! I always thought it would be nice to make one but never jumped in with both feet. :)
    Glad you gave it a try.

  8. She turned out SOOOO gorgeous and I love the TWILT that goes along with her too!


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