March 19, 2010

My Quilt Block, called "Wireless Imagination"

Hubby and I were out on a walk and discussing how nice it is to be away from the television and computer.
At some point he said,  "It's Wireless Imagination".   I love that!   So, here is quilt block that is named after that wonderful quote.

The plan is to draft a 9" quilt block.

I'm using all batiks for an earthy-look.

Layout #1

Playing around with the layout...
Layout #2

Still playing...

October 20th Update - I think we've got something here...Layout #3.

Yes, this is making me very happy.                   There's some depth to this.

It was nice to spend the evening at the sewing machine and  I've made progress!
I'll post new pictures when I get more blocks sewn up.


The good thing is, I've got options with this block.


  1. Jessica, I love both layouts and nice colors too. Looks "Springy". Difficult choice I'm sure.

  2. Finally committed to a layout! The pieces are now in 18" blocks, to big for me to lose...ha!


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