February 24, 2010

Pinwheels - Prairie Points

Prairie Points done this way?

Place right sides together, what ever size triangle size you're working with.  These are 3" squares.

Sew around the edge and cut diagonally.

If I'm careful about handling them, I can turn and press them and get them in place to applique down without any problems.

....maybe you were doing it this way all along and didn't share it with me!

Progress.. Here it is - a table topper.

Bright and Cheery.


  1. I thought there was something 3-dimensional about your block when I saw it on HGTV. A-HA! What a great idea!.

  2. Mhmmm!

    The only thing slowing me down is the borders but, I'm working on it!

  3. I make appliqué shapes by sewing rights sides together and then slit one side open. Then I turn right sides out and hand sew down. I have done this with circles, hearts, triangles. Is that the same process you used?

  4. Yes, that's how I did it! It's the first time that I've dealt with triangles, though and the excitement is that I'll be doing triangles many times over!
    Really glad to hear that you are using that technique - it seems to give the shape some stability and depth of color!

  5. It looks great! Using the black and then the orange really makes them pop. I like the triangle method, can't say I seen it done that way before.

  6. Kathy....thank you for keeping up with the emails on this project!!
    I'm going for a braid effect on the outside corners, I might end up doing one more border or making one slight change there.

    It's sure cheerful!
    After it's quilted, I'll get a couple more pictures posted.

    Those triangles - I'm going to go back and do the math and try to get 4 triangles from 2 sqs sewn together - saving more time!

  7. Very cool, Jes! Thanks for sharing. Thanks for stopping by and entering the contest on my blog also.

    I hope all is well with you!


  8. Patrick!! I love how busy you are with the Party with Patrick! How fun!
    All is good. I'm in the Lake Michigan area as of a few weeks ago. I can't wait to see this all when the lake is blue and the trees are leafy!!
    Let me know if you are scheduled to be up here!
    Have a wonderful year....BTW...I'm so happy to hear about a grandbaby on the way!

  9. I didn't realize you are in Michigan with me!!

  10. Jes,
    Love seeing your creative projects and posts on your blog. Thanks for the encouragement you sent my way. I am feeling so much better and enjoying home again. Maybe I can get some of those UFO's finished. That would be great!!! Have a wondderful day my friend!

  11. Dear Lyndsay, Continue getting well! I hope that visit to the hospital was just from your meds being adjusted. That's our prayer!
    I'm celebrating all your creativity! You are heading straight into "teaching" possibilities! ....wouldn't that be fun?!!
    Enjoy your projects, including the cooking....wowie yum yummm!


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