February 1, 2010

Mixed Greens!

One of my favorite blogs is Mixed Greens - Living Sustainably in the Pacific Northwest and today I have reason to celebrate!

I won a Mixed Greens Calendar!! Beautiful monthly cards with a scrumptious recipe printed on the back. This comes with a calendar stand, making it easy to view and use.

When I participated in the Chewelah Farmers' Market last year, there was a flurry of recipe exchanging.  It was exciting to talk about the tried and true recipes that the teenagers were happy with (I was never a  fan of  asparagus until we started roasting it, as seen in Ina Garten's cookbook!).  First chance I got to do searching  for fresh-vegetable-recipes, online, led me straight to Mixed Greens.  It was exactly what I was looking for - a site that supported local growers, eating fresh foods and  celebrating healthy living.          
So happy with the site, I included it here on the blog - not only for me to click on everyday, but to share with everyone.

It's important for me, as a mom to continue sharing healthy food ideas with my kids, as they are all busy and cooking for themselves. I want them to know how easy and quick it is to turn out healthy meals!

Let's talk about asparagus again for a minute.... It was my kids that first tried out that recipe!!
Yes, it was they that got me eating those green spears - I could only remember asparagus from a child's view, tasting like mush and thought I'd never try it again.  Well, it seems that I much prefer veggies being "hardly cooked"!   And, it would seem that the family likes it that way too - Even the hubby is looking for the veggies  to grill! What could be better than that?

Several years ago, one of my kids had gone away for the summer to be on staff at a camp, during a rest break a discussion started on eating habits -they found that there were about 10 staffers interested in a trial run at becoming Vegetarians - so as a group, they started out and the plan was to just go through the summer and see if they liked it. The results were amazing, everyone in the group continued on after the summer.

The thing is, you can go out to restaurants and stick with your eating plan, there are plenty of places that serve delicious vegetarian plates! In fact, I've been out with my kids, more often than not, I want to order what they are ordering.....the Southwestern Taco Salad with grilled tofu is a favorite!

Start talking about beautiful, healthy and fresh foods to your family and before you know it, they are sharing recipes and food experiences with you. A couple days ago, I was talking with my daughter about a recent post on Mixed Greens - the subject is Quinoa, I mentioned the grain and quickly she says, "oh yes, I bought it in bulk"! "Wow", I thought, "once more,this site is in tune with us"! The recipes for this "perfect protein" are beautiful. And, since my daughter has plenty on hand, she can make lunch and invite me over!!

Here is a link to their site, I hope you visit them and check out all the wonderful information shared there!


Mixed Greens.....always about fresh foods!
......always in tune with the season!
.......always inspiring!

Thank you so much for Calendar! It's a little treasure that will be shared with the family!


  1. Great post! I have been reading and learning a lot about healthy eating and cooking lately. My goal is to really transform some of my bad eating habits. I will definatly check out that blog. Thanks Jessica. Best wishes to you and your family. Thanks for all you have given me and all your great notes. I love them!!

  2. Lyndsay Girl! I am so excited that you are taking the nutritional classes offered - I know that you will be celebrating the health benefits...sometimes it starts with standing at the window and out-stretching the arms and saying something like, "I'm feeling happy"!
    I love what you've got going on your blog! It's becoming a great center of info and I enjoy visiting "you" and your links!

    Hugs to you and you mom!


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