February 4, 2010


How relaxing...

The sun coming up.
Today, the weather will be mild
enough to go for a walk.

This scarf is almost
a match for the sunrise.

The shell stitch is sure pretty!

I can't remember working on a project and not taking it apart at some
point to do a different stitch - the bad habit of doing that, led me away from
crocheting, but here I am enjoying crochet again. 2 scarves done, no pulling
out stitches!


  1. Jes,
    Those are such beautiful scarves. I especially love the greean one. My favorite color. I love crocheting, it is a relaxing thing to do while you watch a movie or catch up on some TV shows. Hope you have a good super bowl weekend. I am getting together with our quilting group to sew and craft as we do every year. Fun, Fun, Fun!!!
    Love, Lyns

  2. I'm back! What a busy weekend - drove around a lot and then came back in time to watch the game. Wow, the game! And, some of those tv commercials were hilarious.
    Lyndsay, I can't wait to hear about the sew/crafts fun that you had!
    That's right, you love green! That sage green always captures my attention!
    Well, my neck is staying warm with these scarves! I'm thinking about doing a cowl-style scarf - my mom gave me one and I use it a lot. It's kinda-sorta a shoulder wrap.

    I'm off to play with my sewing machine! Hubby surprised me with a sewing room filled with tables, shelves, computer - he was going to get me a sewing machine too, but wasn't sure what to get. This room (spare bedroom) is working for me! After going around the Sew & Vac stores, looking for a machine, I found one. The funny thing is, hubby teasingly said, "you can have $78 for a sewing machine"! This Singer Prelude was $79. We laughed!!
    All I needed was one that wouldn't hop off the table as I sew. :)

    Have a great week!! !!!

  3. Beautiful sunset and gorgeous scarves. You're right the one does look like the sunrise. I tried crochet once and gave up. You sure put the bug back in me. :)

  4. Kathy...I'm really enjoying it again!


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