February 15, 2010

My Quilt Block called Block Two - A Pinwheel Applique

While on a plane crossing  the country, I thought about quilting..
I had my notebook to jot down some ideas.  And, thankfully, I tucked an acrylic 6" square ruler into my bag, because one idea turned into many.

Here is " Block Two".

I used a 9" foundation block.
Next,  is a 6" square. (If you want exact pinwheels, than make it a 6 1/2" square.)
(The extra points are the prairie points that get sewn in when you applique the 6" square on to the foundation.)

...Block without Prairie Points.

with Prairie Points..

Making Prairie Points, my way:

Click here for Jessica's Prairie Points

Pieces tacked down, using a glue stick: now do a zig-zag all around the edge of the 6" square.
You can tack down the Prairie Points later, or not at all..

Cut block in half, turn and cut in half again.

Then, turn the pieces to make a pinwheel.

And sew together to make the block.

Blocks are going to look like this.

That 6" square could be enlarged to a 6.5" square, that way the points would extend out to the edge of the foundation square (if you want your pinwheel exact).  I went whimsy, instead of exact.

Block Play......what ifs.
I like the pinwheel the most, but there's at least one other way of putting
the pieces back together, that I like.

...what if we turn it like this?

...another option.

Time for me to work on more blocks and decide on sash fabric.

I think, I like the Black, for sash.

Easy! Easy!
Let me know if you try this.

The table-topper is also posted here.


  1. Your table topper will be adorable. Nice colors too. Cool idea to make the templates and turn them around to test the outcome. Good thinking!

  2. I love the way this is coming out - great idea! Oh... and all your crocheting looks so warm and comfty! Glad to see you are keeping yourself busy. Are you settled in yet?

  3. Those are beautiful fabrics and a beautiful design. You are such an amazing artist with loads of talent. I love seeing what you are going to come up with next. Well I hope that you have a wonderful weekend. Take care!!
    Love, Lyndsay

  4. Thank you! This is so easy! If you don't consider the space of foundation fabric wasted and want an quick applique project - then try it. I have been working on Block One, it's more geometric-looking but, the same idea.

    This topper is going to look like a tossed salad!! Perfect for the dining table, which is in "bistro" stage. (One day, I'm going to get us a big ol' country-kitchen dining table! ...it's on my wish list. I've not been bitten by the antique-bug, but a long table that sits 10/12 people is something that I've longed for)

    Busy is the key here....! I keep looking at the weather site to see when I can go for a walk. Walking keeps me sane!! And, this sewing room that hubby set up before I arrived...I keep thanking him!

    The weather is going to be beautiful this weekend! I hope you all have great weather and fun stuff.....join me on a 30 min. walk!

  5. I love the fabrics - cant wait to see the finish table topper.

    Jessica - I gave you the sunshine award because I love to follow your blog. Please look at mine and see how it works.

  6. Thank you, Karin!
    and, thank you for the award! :)


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