January 27, 2010

I've been busy!

.....organizing! Next week I'll get back to

Photo: postcard sent to me from
the World Wildlife Fund

I told my family that I had a vision of myself as sort of  a Quilt Gypsy.  From all the things that I could bring across the country, it was most important to have my sewing tools and fabrics!

Don't be surprised if I make a wall-hanging from the picture in my mind! 

Out of necessity, I sewed a little.  My watch-band fell apart, so I made a new one from leftover fabric (and a bit of interfacing).

Actually, it's been nice to just sit back; and crochet.

After reading a recent post on Anna Maria's blog, the post showing the beautiful crocheted hat (for her daughter); I looked up how to do the shell stitch...

...a week later I was showing a flight attendant how to make the stitch!   (just following in Diane von Furstenberg's footsteps...she said she likes to share everything she learned)


  1. Hi Jess,
    Your crochet looks very nice.
    A big hug from snowy Germany

  2. Hello Heike, I'm enjoying crochet again. It's very relaxing!
    You are getting snow!
    It's been very mild here...a prayer answered!! 2 bad years in a row was too much.
    Hugs to the family!

  3. Cute postcard. Maybe its a reminder to sit back and relax. I know you can't right now. After dh unloaded the book case/entertainment center I have some sorting to do. What do I keep and what do I give away. It will be hard to give up anything.

    Your crochet looks nice and great watch band too.

  4. I think when I finally sit down, I will fall asleep!! I feel like that bear in the front! Everything was going good until I closed the truck door on my finger yesterday. Time to slow down!
    I don't like giving things away either. I used to watch Homes Across America and pick up ideas for arranging "stuff". See...we just need to rearrange our things, not give it away....oh,husbands will be happy to hear that!! :)

    I'm looking forward to you having your room done and you can sit and sew again!
    Think about the longer days coming...all that light coming in!


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