January 12, 2010

girl time

Pointing to the Snowday Pretty post on Anna Maria's blog to Miss L as she was getting her clothes together to return to college - I was just expecting to get a real-quick reaction and then her back to organizing, and me back to blog la la land!
But, she said somethin' like, "Oh, I'd like to do crochet".

First I sat stunned, remembering that she gave me back all the yarn that I had given her along with fabric for quilting after her Senior year at high school..... I wisely put them away for her knowing that given time, she'd need/want to take up a relaxing hobby. Once I was able to speak, I said I knew where there was some yarn to practice with!
We did single stitches, doubles, skipping stitches for little windows! I went to youtube to brush up on the shell stitch.

......she says, "this is relaxing", I said, "yes it is".....sigh.

Instead of leaving, Miss L stayed over one more night, we watched Mona Lisa Smiles and Becoming Jane......

I said, "I can send you more yarn"!   She said, "I'd love that".


  1. Girl time is a wonderful thing!

  2. It sure was a delightful,relaxing
    evening - and, when Miss L decides she wants to make a quilt...well, hanging in my closet is a tote, full of soft-color batiks!


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