December 14, 2009


My gift for Joy is finished!
This is an adorable pattern  by Joanne/CraftPassion. - make one, and you're hooked.

(Joyful is featured on CraftPassion's blog!)

I didn't deliver Joyful to my sister right away, no,  instead I decided to take him along with me as I traveled around the Great Lakes area.  I'll take plenty of pictures, and pick up little souvenirs along the way!  At the end of the Summer, I will deliver Little Turtle (with the souvenir treasures) to my sister.
Hmmm...then I'll have to make another turtle (look for the turtle named Joyous)... more adventures!
If you are interested in seeing some of pretty surroundings; I started a travel blog:  A Turtle's Journal


The other gift for Joy...  is in progress (posted here because it's the only way she's going to see that I'm working on it ... for reals!).

I looked and looked, for the perfect backing material and voila...found it. With the darker fabric, she can mix it up.

(Edited...Christmas Stocking and Phone Cases will be in a separate post.)                                    


  1. Love the turtle!

    (You got the flippers on going the right direction. Good thing you didn't take lessons from me! LOL)

  2. Sherry, your Christmas Stocking only suffered a little! lol
    I'd take lessons from you anytime!
    I'll be back visiting your "cooking" segments - you always make me blow my meal plan....talking about peanut butter cookies and fried chicken...mercy!!

  3. Ahhhh that turle is just too darn cute! You have been one busy lady!

    Merry Christmas Jessica to you and your family - I wish you a wonderufl day together filled with love and happiness.

  4. Sending Christmas Wishes your way, Nicki!

  5. Jessica,
    Oh what can I say, the turtle is just adorable. Looks like Sis will be very happy, the Santa wallhanging is cute and the phone cases. My you have been one busy beaver. :) My word verification is agaleorm. Never seen that one before. :) Not a real word either.

  6. Thank you, Kathy!

    I've got the Santa hanging up, even
    though it's not finished...still
    going through fabric search for dark blue print.

    Word verification has some of the silliest words come up! I'm always ready to see what the next one will be! lol

    Merry Christmas!


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