December 22, 2009

another satisfied cat

"Warm and cozy", in Seattle.

Macy and Chester will be taking turns in their new toy, Jonah.


  1. Thats a cute pic! I love the fishies!

  2. this looks so cute!!! I think, I will sew a fish like this too. Hope my cats will take it as a place for sleeping :-)
    Wish you a good new year 2010!

  3. Sherry and Karin....Hello!
    If you click on the picture, you can
    tell that cat is pretty happy!

    Veri.....I saw what your cat did to the Manger (crib)!! Yes, you need to make him a fish toy! lol

    Have a wonderful New Year!

  4. i have some fabric fish i've collected from japan. i will have to take some pics and post them for you to see. i think you would like them-
    these are great!

  5. I would love that, Glennis!

    My inspiration to make Fish Charms came in the middle of the night, I thought, "don't even go to the computer and see if 800 people are already doing this", just do it! After a season of making them, I thought how pretty these would be in Asian fabrics - I then did a search on something Asian, and found a link talking about the history of giving a friend/family member a fish, be it a photo or sculpture. I read that article and knew that this was my path, I've always wished others Prosperity (which has nothing to do with Greed!).
    The next batch of fish will be the Asian Collection!

  6. email me your address. i'd like to send you some indigo fabrics for your fish...

  7. The pictures arrived -
    I love the detailing. I'm staring at the fish gills! That is truly the first time I've seen that done. I should not be surprised though, I bought a Japanese Quilting Magazine and everything that was displayed was done in great detail.
    I bought the movie, Spirited Away by Hayao Miyazaki, for the artistry, but when I watched the making of the movie, I found that more fascinating. I watched as the artists took a dog as their subject and poured over the details.

    During a show last year, I was visited by a lady that had served on a Craft Show Jury, she liked the fish. She saw the Leopard fish and encouraged me to go that direction. I can still recall the wonderful conversation, her hands in the air, drawing pictures!
    It was very supportive! Like these pictures that you shared. It's steering me in the right path! Thank you so much.

    Indigo fabrics, Glennis!!
    Would I have the courage to put the scissors to them.
    My heart is pounding!!

  8. yes, definitely put the scissors to them when they arrive!


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