November 20, 2009

Two Little Projects and a PJ Party

I was going to take a week away from everything, including sewing, but I couldn't help myself and ended up bringing one bin with little projects to "play with".
Project #1 -
CraftPassion shared her adorable turtle pincushion pattern with the process of cutting out hexagons.

Project #2 - is inspired by Bozie (HGTV Quilt  Board).
She makes fabulous mini quilts, one after another. I borrowed a couple of library books on the subject and settled on this Leaves pattern from Traditional Quilts to Paper Piece...

...started on the 4"x4" squares and instantly
wanted to ENLARGE the pattern.

But, I'll get through this mini project - I'm only making 9 blocks... for Heavens Sake.

A Change of Plans:
I visited the HGTV Quilting Forum to check out what I've been missing -
Jayardi and Nicki Lee have started Friday PJ Parties, you join in and learn a shared pattern or technique. There's a lot of chatting and fun, so of course I was intrigued and asked questions. There wasn't a party posted for the day after Thanksgiving and I volunteered to take and share the phone case pattern with the group.

I sent a little thank you to Jayardi for helping me.

 We added a little excitement to the party by having a Fat Quarter Giveaway:

EBGQ's name was drawn for these.

And, Auntie Reba's name was drawn for these.

I've seen some great phone cases made up by the group, I'm glad they enjoyed the pattern.


  1. Ok, everything seems to be working now.
    Anxious to see your finsihed goodies.

  2. I so slow, Kathy!
    I've only made 3 leaves blocks because I keep making the same mistake over and over!

  3. BTW....that quilt behind the quilt book is the quilt that Miss L made!
    My sewing machine was put to the test that week!!!


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