November 15, 2009

Sharing a Sunset

This was sooo pretty!

I took a few pictures and then started to walk inside, when this caught my eye - it's the back side of the clouds - looks like a watercolor painting!


  1. It sure was when I was standing out there. When I saw this from the window, I thought there was a bit more pink (first picture).
    The second picture is my favorite!

  2. I really enjoy sky pictures. Usually by the time I run for my camera the best part as moved on (especially at sunset).

    Wonder what is wrong with your blog. I had to go back to google reader to get to your post.

    The turtle is so cute and the leaves mini will be cute too. Your recipes show on google reader but not on the blog post. Do you sleep??? :)

  3. Kathy, I terrible about getting sleep when I can get to the computer!
    It takes forever to get caught up on all the "latest"!!!

    I had problems with that post, kept getting a message like I had copied text into it from an alien starship!
    The recipes, I typed in, so I don't know what it's problem is! I'll try to re-publish it.

    I know the best colors of the sky faded for the first picture! I stood there enjoying it for a couple minutes!! lol


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