November 15, 2009

Just being funny!

I was just going through the grocery leaflet......I can buy my Thanksgiving turkey on sale if I spend $25.
Well, heck.....I can just walk out in the front yard and choose from this little group!!

.....yeah, it's so tempting!


  1. Have you decided on which bird? :)

    Your last post on your blog isn't working.....

  2. I hope it does not taste too gamey. I know the ones that came thru the yard at my old house always ate the bugs in the yard, so I did not want to get rid of them.

  3. The "girls" are still roaming around the hill! We used to have fox here too, otherwise we'd see less turkey!

    A runner coming down the hill scattered the group of turkey, I thought it might be time to put up a Turkey Crossing sign!


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