November 15, 2009

Jeweled Forest

Two holiday magazines that are filled with great ideas and patterns...

First, McCall's Quilting Holiday Issue (2009)

The Jeweled Forest pattern reminded me of Nicki Lee's quilt project,  Nicki Lee's Holiday Trees, so getting the magazine was a must.
Along with that cute pattern were a number of really pretty projects...
* The Scent of Summer
* Deck the Halls
* Razzle Dazzle
* Deck the Halls

Jeweled Forest... I think you could make this 5 times and they would all look unique.

Here's my start on the pattern...

A purple background will add to these whimsy trees.

Now for the other magazine that caught my eye: Quiltmaker...

Right off the bat, I found several projects that thought would be fun.
Look at that wonderful quilt on the cover, it's made with large blocks!

Snowfriends is an embroidery project; once I saw this pattern, the magazine was in the shopping cart... it's so sweet.

Tree Farm: a great Strings project, right?
I see lots of possibilities here!

Doesn't that get you motivated for holiday sewing?


  1. Thank you, Tara!
    I can't wait to show this
    to you - it will be our new
    wallhanging for Christmas.

    Thank you, Nicole! I can't wait
    to get this done!
    Decided to use whimsical colors for
    the borders! It should look very

  2. Your tree blocks are really cool! What's next on your list? Adorable snowfriends quilt too.

  3. Hi Kathy! I love snowfriends!
    I haven't sat with a embroidery project in forever!
    Next?.....I think a couple little projects that I can finish! lol
    Gotta get the Winter Windows done
    by Christmas so I can use it!

  4. Jes, When I bought this magazine I was surprised to see a smaller version of the exact same pattern for the trees. Was I excited!!!! I love this tree wallhanging and have been pulling batkis for it for over a week... can't wait to get started on it.

  5. Dear Nicki Lee,

    It's something to be flipping through pages of a magazine and telling yourself that you don't need another magazine.....and then come across a picture and instantly think of a friend!! Had to buy the magazine!


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