October 2, 2009

Twilts, Twills & Townbags

I can check these off my
to-do list!
These Townbags are
off to college with DDs.
(I'll have to make a
lap-quilt for DS)

....the inside.

Here's the twill bag finished, using the twill from Bea, a crocheted doily from Nicki and the hand-dyed lace that Kathy sent me.

The next Twilt that I'm working on is: A Door to Fall.  I've got the Fall moon up in the corner, using pretty beads that Kathy sent me.


  1. I can't wait to see your finished Twilt! I am so ready for fall. :+)

  2. Hi Shelley!!
    I'm constantly checking out your new Twilts - they are so inspiring! ~ I smiled when I read about you walking into "Twilt Heaven", I can just imagine seeing all the 12"x12"s!
    I haven't done much with Fall fabrics before, I can only think of one quilt actually....so this project was fun to work on.

    I see your busy schedule, have fun traveling and teaching!


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