October 31, 2009

Sew much going on

Ever had a post that just wasn't working...? Well, my last post didn't make me happy, so I threw it out! Gone, gone, gone! 

Here are some new pictures.

You've seen a glimpse of these Crazy-Quilted phone cases....these are selling as quickly as I make them!

Nicki Lee's laces as embellishments are admired, and the vintage-look is in!

Yummy melon colors!

I made this one up as an appreciation gift. 

The person getting this had lived in Hawaii, and I  have "a feeling" that he'll like these fabric prints.   

Jump Off Joe is pinned on the wall as I work away on it. For weeks I've been just staring at it, threatening to dismantle it!   Then I got to thinking, do something like a foreground, force the mountains to the back of the "picture".

I'm working away on shrubs as we saw them in Spring... all flowering white.

After that, I'll just have to stare at it again and let inspiration flow in.

Here are some more "crazy" blocks, ready for machine-stitching.  The block pattern is by Jodie Davis; I like the center piece, it looks like a gem stone.

The blocks are 9 1/2".  I think I'll play up the blues and sages and turn this all into a lap quilt.

There's a show coming up in December, I better get a-moving! 


  1. Hey Jes!!!! OMG! You have been one busy lady! Everything is looking aweseom. I have to tell you I LOVE Jump off Joe! I would love to get my hands on it and play... it is going to be a stunning Art Quilt! Seriously, if you want to share I'd love to add a little bit of Nicki CQ to it....

    BTW - I like your new Blog look - much easier to read and the pictures really pop out.

  2. Nicki....WHAT AN OFFER!
    Channel that artsy talent right this way, girl!! I'll get the shrubs done and then we'll talk!! But, yeah...with your "magic wand", this could be r..e..a..l..l..y pretty!

    Thank you for saying something about the blog look - I kept changing it at the end of the day, not the best time for tired eyes....but, I think this is calming and easier to see the pictures too!


  3. Love those CQ blocks, Jess, especiallyl the polkadot! Nice phone cases, too, and really useful.

  4. Thank you, Judy!
    Hope you enjoy the holidays!


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