October 10, 2009

A Door To Fall.....

This is my Twilt for the season.  ...the Sun is low, the Fall Moon is high, Leaves are changing......

*click on the picture for a larger view*

Ceck out Shelley Swanland's latest Twilts at...  Shelley's Studio

Happy Fall Everyone!


  1. This is sew cute! I blog hopped over here from Kathy's Crazy Moments. You were so sweet to send her that cute fall fabric. :)

  2. Hi TattingChic!
    Thank you for visiting!

    The first chilly day here, it was fun to stay inside and play with fabric - I got to this one piece and started thinking,"Kathy would love this"! Knowing how much fun it is to receive surprises in the mailbox, I hurried to get this mailed!!

    Hopefully we all get a nice long Fall season to enjoy the colors!

  3. Hi, Jessica
    Love the wall hanging and the fabric you sent me. It was really a pleasant surprise.

    Sorry about your comment not showing on my blog right away. I forgot I had moderation on and was expecting them to come through email, which they are NOT. I haven't figured out how to change that. Maybe I won't be able to. :(

  4. Love your twilt, Jess. Great embellishments!

  5. Late getting here on the computer...put in 40hrs at work this week. Thank you all for the nice comments! This little quilt looks really nice as you walk by it...dark, rich colors....kinda cozy!

  6. Mom the colors in this are fantastic! This is VERY pretty.

  7. I LOVE this!! You have a great talent Jessica!

  8. Hi Thearica!

    Thank you! This twilt is one of my favorites.

    Time to do a Winter one!


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