September 18, 2009

Paisley Fish

A customer saw one of the Town Bags made up in this fabric, and asked if I'd do a fish with it.

It turned out pretty!

Update: Sold out of this fabric in one week.
One fish went to Sleepy Hollow, NY and one went to Tuscon, AZ.!


  1. The fish is adorable in Paisley.

  2. I agree!
    This had just enough lavender in it to make it "little miss popular"!
    Whew!....I better find more paisleys!

  3. Out of the hundreds of fish you've done I think I like this one the best. The fabric is sooooooo pretty!

  4. Thank you,'ve seen them all!!!

  5. OH MY GOODNESS! I'm working on the catfish that I'm giving to stepsons GF. Never, ever, EVER will I make another!! So, if a friend of theirs sees this one (IF I ever get it finished)...I'm giving them your address! Wish I'd just cut out one fin and the foam and started sewing. LOL I bow down to you oh humble guru. ;o)

  6. Sherry, I remember making my first one....aaaaaaagh! Since then, my hands have become clamps! lol
    I only buy sewing machines that are classified as heavy duty metal frame, otherwise it's a battle.

    Take your time! Do the project in stages so that your hands don't get stressed!!!


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