September 5, 2009


Dream it, then make it come true...
I'm taking a few new Fringy Fish to Market this weekend.

These are beaded all along the edges. Loved the fringy fibers from Nicki, I used them throughout the "fishing line".

Today I found beaded shells, thought that would make interesting deep-ocean fish - maybe, some done in antique white and deep-sea colors, celebrating the Chinese culture.....yes, some Asian Fringy Fish Charms.

"Goldfish, is a traditional Chinese symbol of good fortune", is what a customer shared with me - it was soon after that I had a vision of making Fringy Fish. Something decorative for those who like eclectic items!

Soon after that meeting with the customer, I went looking online for some Chinese history of Goldfish. The symbolism matched my reason for making these as gifts...
"The Chinese word for fish sounds very much like the word for surplus. Thus, to give fishes as gifts also carried with it the blessing of continued wealth and bounty for years to come." The general Chinese geomancer will reveal that in order to bring good luck and prosperity to the home, it is essential to include paintings of fish in the home decor."

Home or Office, in the window or hanging from a hook- These would look cute in any room.


  1. Just so cute!!!! Probably all gone and orders for more.

  2. Thank you, are so supportive!
    These are catching the Artist's eye around here and I'm getting great feedback!

  3. The beautiful comment above is translated here:
    Hoped that everybody can be very happy the content joyful health beautiful to hope everybody vigor infinite.....


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