August 12, 2009


Saddle-up, for a stroll, through some pretty CQ Laces by Nicki Lee! We did a little artisan trading!  She got Nicki's Blue fish and I got a "a pot of gold" laces!

There's already a bidding war over the beautiful Gold Burst lace......every piece of lace will be a beautiful addition to my projects.

This makes me think of Seashells and Starfish.

What a soft Sage color.

Beautiful fabrics included in the trade.

......."Big Dreams
Start Small"

I am!

Nicki.....thank you for these fabrics!
They are gorgeous and cheerful.

These are laces that I picked up at the LQS.
I've never paid much attention to the lace department, but I got interested in the variety of design and color. These were mostly 49 cents a yard, so I did a little shopping!

These look so plain next to Nicki's laces.....but, now you can see the difference.
Still, these are good to have on hand.

I'm working on another crazy quilt. These are 10" blocks. I just got through watching a video clip from The Quilt Show, the guest was Jean Wells (Episode 107) - I was intrigued with her quilted blocks-on-a-quilt approach. ...maybe I'll do that with these.


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