August 9, 2009

Crystal Falls

The Farmers' Market was full of veggies this week.
We all talked about how we cook this and that - Kale has become the "hot" item! I love Kale, love to chop it up and sprinkle it on my soup.

Well, 2 ideas came from the group conversation.
1. You can saute it with garlic and oil.
~We do that with spinach!

2. Massaged Kale Salad-
Chop the Kale, massage it with a drizzle of
Olive Oil in a salad bowl for about a minute,
until the leaves turn a dark green. Add a sprinkle of
soy sauce, lemon juice and garlic and toss.
Then, just add what ever else you want, like dried cranberries.

On the subject of healthy foods - I've added Mixed Greens blog to my Body/Mind will get a "feast" of delicious recipes.

I took home Honey, Kohlrabi, Kale and

My friend, Becky, visited.  We had lunch at the Market, she tried one of the wraps, and I had the Gazpacho....Mmmm.                  
What a fun atmosphere to sit, relax.

Before heading home, I made a stop at a thrift store, located across the street from the LQS.
Found 3 yards of an Asian print.

Let me talk about the heat we've been experiencing. It's been hot. It's no wonder that you don't see much wildlife right now.

Ladies under the tree. Turkeys, in case you can't tell!

Up the highway is a place to stop and view Crystal Falls.  During the early Spring, we couldn't locate the place to park and walk down.  Today, we found it.

Later, we drove into to Colville to check out the Colville Rendezvous - I got to meet the artist that makes the Martha Dolls.  Seeing her Fish Folk in person was a real treat.

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