July 3, 2009

You've Got a Friend in Me!

Working out at Camp can be fun.  DS and Colin rounded up 2 ceramic owls and have filmed some humorous skits. Since these owls seem to be growing in popularity, I'm helping in any way I can! Mail Pouches for the owls, lovingly named.... George and Abbott. I did do up another pouch with the correct name, George.  ...jeez, my memory!

Life jackets (and, Sailor hats) for the owls, in case they want to go down to the Waterfront and talk about water safety.....

I made another Purl Frog.
The new one got shipped with the owl items to Camp.

....."you've got a friend in me".....

Speaking of Friends.......

There was a wonderful surprise in the mail from Kathy (Kathy'sCrazyMoments).
A package containing beautiful fabric....
These beautiful beads....
Look at those butterflies - Got a great idea for using them!

And, these great rulers. Thank you, Kathy!  I'm going to enjoy these.

Pat's (Wiley) fabric squares also came in the mail.  Our 6" fabric squares get combined into quilt tops, then we send them on to the Quilts With Love organization.  They finish making the quilts and send them  to the U.S. troops, that are in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I think we've done 5 or 6 quilts together now!


  1. Jessica, It might just be easier for me to call you then comment. Or, maybe I'm having age problems and can't remember passwords?
    Love the frogs and purple accent - I love everything purple! Who knew?
    Love, Sis

  2. Adorable froggies! Glad the package arrived save and sound. I though the asian fabric could be used in one of the projects in Quilting Arts mag. The water type fabric, well you have been working on a scenic project so there is probably another one in your future.

  3. Hello, Hello!
    Nice to be back on the blog!

    I've heard that the frog that went to Camp is doing just fine in the Well's Hall for everyone to visit with!

    Joy - you are doing great!
    I'm so glad you are posting!
    We'll do more purples for you to enjoy! You'll have to do what I
    do with my passwords, put them
    in several places.....one place
    won't do!

    Kathy - Yes, most definitely!
    The Asian fabric really goes well with the little bit of fabric I've been collecting for a project.
    The "water" batik is going to be the start of another landscape - I put the Jump Off Joe crazy quilt up on the wall to remind me to get to finishing it - but, would love to get started on another one.
    Thank you again!!!


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