July 18, 2009


Well, I have to say.....
it feels great to be quilting!
This was the week for breaking away from
the "norm" and take on some of the wallhangings
I've been wanting to do.
Last year I did "Poppies" for the Market customers,
this year I'll be doing a theme of "Windows".

"Celtic Gold"
Cathedral Windows
Size: 12" square

Shelley, this counts as
a Twilt!

"Rosy Gothic Windows"
*Gothic Windows pattern from the book, Machine Stitched Cathedral Windows, by Shelley Swanland.

*hand-dyed lace in center by
Nickilee's Raviolee Dreams

"A Walk In the Woods"'

*fabric folding w/Batiks
*hand-dyed lace butterfly by
Nickilee's Raviolee Dreams

"A Walk in the Woods II" (in progress)
*fabric folding w/batiks
*hand-dyed lace by Nickilee's Raviolee Dreams

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  1. They are all gorgeous. Hard to pick a favorite. Love all the color combinations and the beeding.


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