July 19, 2009

Tara's Martha Doll

Daughter, Tara, was a little girl when my mom was selling the Martha's Dolls at her store.  How funny that Tara was going through her things (cleaning out) and found it now... there is an event coming up, Colville Rendezvous Days, and we'll get to meet the lady that made this.

Martha's Dolls was online and you could see her all her whimsical creations - I had the link here when I first posted, but the link is down now.  Too bad - there was the most unique art to be see and enjoyed... Fish and Cloud creatures!  

Update: We did get to meet Martha Christman, the artist.  What a great booth with fantastical art!  We told her of Tara's pop-up cone doll and she shared with us how she learned the art of making them. 
What a wonderful lady! 
What a great vibe!

Tara just finished a wall-hanging for a friend that just had a baby boy.  Isn't this so cute!

Baby Ian's daddy was a helicopter pilot in the service, so I'm sure he will get a kick out of this too.
Pattern from Quick Quilts magazine.

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