July 12, 2009

Small Fry's and more....

This week was fun, sewing up more Small Fry's and TownBags.

Campfire fish!

Purple Dots

Sailor fish

Kitty Fun in the Sun.

Chewelah Farmers' Market
Ready for visitors!

There will be a "Spinners in the Park" in Colville, coming up soon.
Today they were here giving us demos.

In the evening we went to watch the Barrel Races and meet up with Larry and Melanie's family. As the evening went on, it got chilly. Tara had her blanket and Cowboy Larry lent Laura his duster.

We said, "You're gonna get the competition fat!"
They said, "That was the idea"!

This was the only image of Mel that I was able to capture!
....a very fast horse for a very slow camera.
Tara filmed Mel, in video, making up for this almost-artsy photo.
.......Mel took 2nd place.

Yesterday we trekked through the Chataqua Festival.
It was about 95 degrees and the girls really wanted to jump into the stream, I would have followed them in, if they had.


  1. Coats and blankets?! WHAT? Here we are waking to 80 degrees and it hits 100 during the day. Right now at 5:26 it is 101.7. This is unusual for June...it normally hits 100s in August. We did have a gorgeous cool May...

    Before I forget...the fawn is so cute!

  2. Hi Sherry!
    Can you believe that! In an instant, it dipped down in the 40s and Laura was wearing shorts - thank goodness for friends!!
    Aw, it's too hot starting out in the 80s....I hope your August isn't a beastie.
    Do you have a ride planned soon?


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