July 30, 2009


I sat down with paper and pencil and sketched out my own phone case pattern!

More of these to come.

Stitching.....as I hide away from the heat of the day.  It's so hot.
As I was sewing up a few wallets from the Amy Butler pattern,  a smaller version "happened".  I ran short on the length on one of them and instead of tossing it, I thought it could be used in the purse to hold things like band-aids, etc.
I love the flap that Amy designed, it's easy to lift.
I'll call this a Keeper.

My little organizers that I designed with last year, well they've had more attention this year.  Maybe it's because I've added a Velcro closure.  These are now called a Fold-n-Go.

Look who was right outside my window-
He waited all day for his mom to return.

I just started this project yesterday.  It's another folded fabric wallhanging.  I had saved fabric and lace from making my daughter's high school prom dress.  Hence, the name of the quilt.

*Batiks *Casa Crepe & Lace It will have the beading and Nicki's hand-dyed laces included.


  1. I love your organziers and "keepers" they look awesome. Great job!

  2. Hi Jess,
    it's gorgeous, I love that style.
    I wish we could visit our friends in Spokane this summer, maybe next year, we have to save money in the meantime.

  3. Hi, This is my first visit and I love your little cell phone keeper. Did you use any batting in it or is it just two layers of fabric? I'd like to try to make myself one!

  4. Hello Friends! Thank you! Hope you aren't experiencing the hot temperatures that we are....ugh!

    Phyllis....thank you for visiting!
    Yes, there's batting in the phone cases - just enough for padding!

    Heiki, When you come in this area, it will be so much fun meeting!!

    Keep Up the
    Pretty Sewing Everyone!!

  5. Hi Sis,
    Love my keeper, perfect colors! You keep coming up with cute ideas.
    Love, joy


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