June 13, 2009

Old Rose and Kitty Fun

This is Old Rose.

I wish that I had put this fish on a different surface for picture-taking, it really turned out great - in fact, it was the first fish to be sold at the Market this week.

You can be sure that I will be doing more of these in black prints, as they make for a very dramatic fish.

This is Kitty Fun.
This "mocha-latte" background made this fish very eye-catching.

Eager to go to the Market.

Setting up at the Chewelah Farmers' Market. ....under the trees, sitting in front of the stream.
This happened to be the first day of Summer Break for the school children - so they enjoyed the cool stream water, fresh air and played games like, "Duck, Duck......Moose"!

While at the Market, I met Debra, she sells beads.
I did a little adding to my bead stash...

This is Olive Jade.

Citrine, including a hand-made button (turned into a pendant).

Light Jade

At the end of the day, we joined friends, Larry and Melanie at the Barrel Races.This is an every-other-week event here in Chewelah. Melanie travels the PNW to compete these two horses, Vic and Nehi.

We'll just follow you in the car!

Nehi's close-up.

Vic is fast too fast for this camera.

That's "What's-Up Chuck" out there.
New nickname from the sidelines,"Chuck Zamboni".


  1. I love those fishies - they are sooooo cute. You are doing a great job on those. Oh please I would love to see cute pet-pictures with the fishies

  2. Your fish are so cute. The scenery there is just beautiful.

  3. Hi Karin and Donna!

    Thank you! Tis fun to make 'em!

    The scenery! I'm always smiling, it's so picturesque!


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