June 7, 2009

Fringy Fish To Go

Fringys' are finally going to Market.

Makes a pretty little gift-giving item.

These are designed for hanging on a hook.
So, you can decide where to hang yours, in a window or.....

2 fish designs - Goldfish and Angelfish

Featuring Nicki Lee's Raviolee Dreams details (hand-dyed laces, ribbons or beads).

.....like the bubbles on the fish line?!

Each fish is unique, so if there's one that really "speaks to you", you can email me.  Some fish are made to look Vintage ( Crazy-Quilted), some with more realistic markings.
I will be making these throughout the year,as I know everyone is doing their Christmas shopping early.


  1. Jessica, Your fish are so cute. You have been a busy little beaver. LOL I like them hanging from the curtain.

  2. Thank You Kathy! I've been stitching away on these and thinking of you and my CQ Friends! Sure have enjoyed the CQ Lessons and putting them to use on these Fringys'!
    I took them to the Market this week and enjoyed talking with the customers about learning CQ from my HGTV Friends!

  3. Very cute, Jes! I had to stop by to take a look. You have been BUSY. That's great. Hope you're enjoying your travels :)


  4. Hellooooo Patrick!
    You are so busy, thank you for visiting! When I get back from traveling, I'll have some new fish to share. There's another phase of Fringy's on the sewing table, I can't wait to get those out for viewing.

    Really looking forward to your magazine, Quilt Celebrations, coming out in the Fall! :)
    Enjoy that new sewing studio of yours!

    Have a great Summer!


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