June 7, 2009

A Busy Week.....

Sewing for a couple Farmers' Markets and working to keep up with weekly orders. I'm planning to be at the Chewelah Farmers' Market every Friday (unless there's inclement weather).

I've been wanting to do a fish in a black print- finally cut one out, can't wait to finish it! These antique buttons will add to Old Rose.

Jump Off Joe is coming along.
Decided on how to stitch the different areas. The trees will have a look of a "brush stroke".
I'll be using white beads for a bit of snow near the mountain peaks.

The sky will have large beaded clouds.
So far, I've got the areas mapped out....

The rocky areas are coming along, as well as
the water......

.....the week ends and my husband and I take our Anniversary walk around the boardwalk.


  1. Are your pictures of a lake you visited? They looks so refreshing and inviting.

  2. Hi Kathy! This is at the Coeur d'Alene Resort.....what a pretty day for a walk!


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