June 28, 2009

A Basket of Fries

The kids go crazy
over these!

....some more happy color.

This Clown Fringy Fish
is perfect with
Nicki Lee's hand-dyed ribbons.

I had this idea of bunching up the
ribbons for the fins, and I'm thrilled
with the look!

Editing Note Here!
I'm making an artistic change on these Fringys'
......some of the danglings are looking like "beards".....
I was thinking it, you were thinking it!
The Angelfish don't need the hanging beads.....
I'll place those pretty danglings on the fish's side
for beauty! ............."That's all"!

Something's fallen head-first
into the rice!

....it's just a cute Purl Frog -
pattern from The Purl Bee!
He makes a great paper-weight,
it can get a little breezy out at
the Market.

A couple of "Spot, the Dogfish" out for
a little fun in the sun.


  1. Yay! Hi Joyba!

    Yes, the wackier the colors, the better the kids like 'em!!


  2. Hi Jess,
    it looks like a very busy time for You. Eyerything is so nice and I like most the fries. They fit perfect to our new blogging group called the Flachquildärs http://deflachquilders.blogspot.comwhich means the Flat quilters flach=Flat Quildärs=Quilters a dialekt in low german.
    Your fries are even flat as our country, the nothern part of Germany.
    I like the handdyed ribbons too, there were perfect for my embroidery class.
    A big hug from Germany

  3. You have a wonderful sense of color! I envy your talent.

    Loved the pics of the 'trespassing' doggie. LOL

  4. Hello Heike and Sherry!

    Heike, you've been so, so busy!
    The weather must be wonderful right now! We are going to have to look for your new group, Flachquildiars!
    I've been visiting your embroidery blog, love the flowers! - Are you teaching now? Miss you Much!

    Sherry, Aren't those Louie pictures so funny!
    Hey, you are artsy too!
    BTW....love the bike applique!
    I've been enjoying the pictures of your yard - the hosta....WoW!
    Thank you for sharing the yummy recipes!

  5. The fries are so cute - great idea. My favorite is the froggy and of course "Spot - the dogfish" I love this version of your fishys.

  6. Jessica! Hello Stranger! Hello my mentor! I can't stand looking at your fish anymore without having one! My cat would go nuts playing inside one so send me a price and I'll get a check out to you! I love all your new creations and am happy to see you are venturing off on some new ones too! BTW - Don't you just love the Quilting Arts Magazine? I've been collecting them since issue #1!

    Miss you! Hugs!

  7. The little fries are so cute, I can see why the kids love them.

  8. Hello Friends!

    I'm glad you like them! They are fun to make! I watched the Planet Earth dvd(s) this week, got inspired and got crazy with fabric.....will have new ones to post next week!

    Nicki....I will email you!
    I'm so in awe of the precious baby pictures on your blog! They look
    so peaceful!


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