May 30, 2009

Barrel Races

Got some wallets (Amy Butler pattern) and Keepers stitched up this week. 

I traveled around to visit the Farmers' Markets, there are several in the area, I'm hoping to find one more that's a perfect fit for me.

Larry and Melanie of  DryCreekQuarters invited us to watch the Barrel Races. Mel competes around the Pacific Northwest.  And, she's usually in 1st Place!

We enjoyed watching several groupings race while we waited for Mel's turn.

Getting Nephi ready for his turn.

You'll have to click on the picture to get a bigger view - I was hoping to get a better picture, but the Mel's horse was soooo fast.

Mel and Vic. These two are quite a winning team!

What a fun evening!  Looking forward to the next event.

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