May 17, 2009

Mother's Day was Spectacular!

A surprise visit from our son and a drive up and around the Columbia, made a wonderful day.
Doesn't this meadow look like a European countryside? !
The Spring green grass is quickly filling in.

And some sewing got done.....

The Spring Plaid top is done (and pre-sold).
There will be a wide binding of the blue for the finishing.....

In progress.....
A Patriotic Wallhanging, that will be a part of the Patriotic Challenge Show on the HGTV Quilt Message Board during the Memorial Day weekend.

The blocks are from an older issue of Quilting, I ended up changing
the layout to use up the patriotic fabric I had on-hand.

I've also been working on a landscape quilt inspired by a
lake in the area - the background is almost complete,
here's a peek at Jump Off Joe.....


  1. We just drove along the Columbia on Monday; I was intrigued by the stands of poplars like those in your photo. It looks like they are sheltering other plants (hops?) from the wind. BTW, I love that plaid piece, the colors and pattern. Is it a table runner?

  2. Beautiful pictures of the countryside. Beautiful colors in the Spring plaid top. Cute peek of the landscape block.

  3. Thank you, Thank you!

    The Spring Plaid is a "throw", it's about 40 x 79 - will be a little wider once the last piece is added. It's got a cheerful-look about it!

    I love being outside and picture-taking! .....and very much enjoy it when you all are sharing pictures too!


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