May 3, 2009

The Beauty That Surrounds Me

Hello Friends!
I'm so distracted by my surroundings!
Every chance we get, we go out driving.
The Pacific Northwest is stunning and serene. It's prompted me to sketch out several quilts!

The other day we started out on a highway that cuts across the top
of Washington State, I didn't have the camera, so we'll go back and take pictures! This is the perfect time to catch all the Spring color!

So....this is me......being inspired!


  1. Lovely photos, Jess. What highway was that? We need to go there! Do you know what those yellow flowers are? They are all over the hills in eastern Washingon right now. Spring is my favorite season, too, and a real reward after all the grey!

  2. Hi Judy - Sorry this is a late reply! Not near a computer fo nearly 2 weeks. Pictures are 395 North. Those beautiful flowers are a wild 'em!
    We went picture-taking yesterday, will have to share those pictures- of the Columbia River.
    Gorgeous country here!


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