April 19, 2009

A Roundabout

There is time in the day for walking and enjoying all the Spring-newness, flowers are just now making an appearance.

Baby Farm Animals.This little guy, on wobbly legs, is about a day old.

Frizzles, Bantams,
Red Cornish, Heada Runs.

I didn't know that turkeys are so cute when they're this little.  They are!

Parking will be interesting...turkeys first.

Got the triangles on this and stopped to sketch out the outer border.

The end of another beautiful day.


  1. I enjoyed the pics in this post. beautiful weather finally!!

  2. Aren't they sweet! I'm without cable/internet so I go out and take pictures! The weather is finally getting mild and greening everything up - it's getting pretty!
    On the weekends is my time to try to catch up on blogs & emails!
    Hope everyone is enjoying Spring!

  3. Nice photos, Jes. I really like your table runner, too! It's very pretty!

  4. Good to see you're back! I was starting to worry. Looks like you had some fun taking pictures. I was off at a Quilt Show until yesterday myself. Can't wait to see your next Twilt.

  5. Hi Friends!

    Thank you, Judy! I'm working on that project this week, started adding a border to it....it's going to be a twin-sized "throw", when done. I think the thing slowing me down is using up the 2.5-inch squares. I'll be glad to get to the long, wide strips for the edges. I'll be even happier when it's done!

    Hello Shelley! I didn't expect I'd be working outside of the home, but an opportunity came knocking and I accepted. The one day a week (for sewing-fun-money)has turned out to include filling in/when needed during the week....so I've been busy! Nice busy!
    I've sketched out a Twilt, which has already been claimed by DH. These make a nice gift!
    I got a call from my Aunt and Uncle, thanking us for the Twilt we sent down to them. I shared with them how the Twilts came about with your new blog! They love it and thank you all for caring messages for Lisa and family!

    Enjoy Sewing!

  6. Jessica, love all the pictures. Cute baby chicks, turkeys and bunnies.

  7. Kathy....It was like being at the Fair, seeing all the baby animals. The baby white turkey was so interested in the camera - I could have taken more pictures of him!


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