March 24, 2009

When DH Cooks.....

I get to start a couple quilts for Miss L's room.

Gives me time to do some Yoga, and practice the Chinese Baoding Balls - these were given to me for injury recovery, but the exercise balls have many health benefits.

The beginning of a Quilt Wall Grouping, using Laura's Celtic mini and the little Braid practice square.

.....and, now done.

Dinner is served!
Galacian Chicken Turnovers inspired by Jose's Made In Spain show.


  1. OMG, that looks delicious. Wish I had a cook around my house. Things always taste better when someone else prepares them, LOL. Your little quilties are so cute. How you liking the new location? I bet it's just beautiful up in redwood country.

  2. Hi Donna! Yeah! DH can cook more often now, he was just doing the summer BBQs, but now we know he does just fine w/recipes!

    The country is pretty, going to be very pretty when everything greens up. Some of the roads are still closed off due to the snow, so I've mapped out some areas for future picture-taking. I just have to watch for wildlife, like cougars, bears and moose!

  3. Jessica, How do you use the chinese balls? The turnovers look yummy. Cute wallhangings, are you making more to hang together?

  4. Kathy - If you do a search on Chinese Health Balls, you'll be able to see some videos on how to move the balls. It's an exercise that massages key points in your hand that can be calming. I like the chimes, like little wind chimes without the wind! Years ago I bought a little plastic card that has the map of the hand, I'll email that to's interesting!

    One more wallhanging for Miss L!
    It's no bigger than a tablerunner, but it keeps getting bumped for another project. Laura is happy to have more of the cheerful colors in her room. The Celtic banner now has some size/interest to it with those side pieces.

    Oh, it's time for some more of those turnovers....mmmmmm!


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