March 4, 2009

Twilts in the making

I love the look of the Twilts that Shelley's been working on... I'm inspired.
Here's a foundation ready to embellish and then, give it a name.

Since posting on the blog this weekend, I got the sad news that my cousin, Lisa, passed away.  Wow, my thoughts are all over the place. be working on something that takes some focus while I think of her should help. You know how I mentioned the starry theme for a Twilt..?
Well, I put several fabrics in a pile for the project and I was thinking about my cousin, Lisa.   When we were young, we were listening to Elton John's new album, Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds.

I'm cutting out the fabric here and arranging the block to look like you're looking out in space
A name for the Twilt came to mind... Lisa and the Sky of Diamonds.

I'll post the finished project soon, got a lot embroidery to do.


  1. Hi Jes,
    I'm looking forward to seeing your Twilt!! Thank you so much for all your support.

  2. Twilt, that's a new one for me. I sure like the colors you've chosen! So sorry to hear about your cousin~how nice to do this twilt in her memory. Thinking of you....

  3. Checking in!
    Hi Shelley, Hi Judy!

    Shelley, I love this project! I'm going with eclectic, but as I stitch, I'm thinking of other Twilt ideas! .....and, you are welcome! To be in touch with the designers that I adore, is nothing short of bliss!!

    I've been working on the Lisa Twilt tonight, my daughters were here to have a hand in the start, which is nice because we've decided to send this to my aunt and uncle....everyone can be a part of the project.

    Judy....welcome home! Thank you so much for your caring words!
    Visit Shelley's blog!!
    She's come up with a little project that celebrates all us bloggers!!

    ~ Jes

  4. It is a fabulous idea to give your Twilt away as a gift. I am sure your Aunt and Uncle will really appreciate the thought! They will know you were thinking of her as you stitched.

  5. Shelley, This is a timely project, I think it's perfect! Lisa and hubby were planning to move up to the Northwest this year, so I talked with my sister about this mini quilt and she's now going through her photos of the Oregon coast to send along with this. Amazing how "quilts" still lend themselves to fill hearts!
    I love the new Twilt,'s gorgeous!
    ~ Jes

  6. Sorry to read about your cousin. I can't say I have heard of "Twilt" but it is a nice way to create something in her memory. It is very pretty and love the title you gave it.

  7. Hi Kathy:)

    The Twilt.....a mini project created by Shelley to celebrate all the twitters, blogs, etc. between quilters!
    I hadn't worked on a mini since making one for my sister, I forgot how fast a little quilt comes, I'm working on another!

    Thank you for your thoughts!
    ~ Jes


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