March 29, 2009

Spring Plaid Quilt

I've got this bag of great fabric leftovers... so, I'm  thinking that I'll try do a Spring-looking quilt.

In my basket of magazines, is this 2001 Quick Quilts (I bought it for the doily quilt pattern, seen on the cover!).

Well, also in this issue is a wonderful Posies quilt...

Now, how do you get Plaid from Poisies?  I don't know, but it was my inspiration.

Maybe it was when I saw the layout of the Posies pattern...

I see lots of happy colors!

"Sew" many little pieces to stitch together!

I've got to decide on a layout.

This look or....

On point?

I don't have experience with On Point blocks.  How difficult will it be?

I'm feeling daring...

Oh, the on-point, definitely!

Now, to work on the Y-seams...

To see the finished quilt top:


  1. Very pretty, Jess! We had a dusting of snow this morning; how about you?

  2. Yes! Can you believe it?!!
    The Winter that won't go away.
    I feel badly for those that are East of us.

  3. OOh I like it. The darker center is great and on point looks wonderful.

    It's snowing right now here...ugh, they told me it's spring..HA!

  4. Thank you All! It will be a few days before I get to finish this, but picture the dark teal around the outer edge!
    I think that I would like to do another plaid, this was fun.
    Maybe with 5" squares? This one was using 2 1/2" squares.

  5. I like the addition of the teal fabric. Very pretty!

  6. Thank you, Kathy!
    I added that and got an immediate response - it has a home once I get it finished!
    I like it's cottage-look - I'll have to make one to keep!

    Hope everyone is staying safe through the terrible weather. We're getting swirling snow right now.


  7. Either way its going to be beautiful .

  8. Hi Clare! Thank you for visiting!!
    I'm going through my Country Threads to see if I have any copies with your patterns in them! Wouldn't that be fun!
    I'm in a new Pacific Northwest town, and visited the local quilt shop....and they have a pile of back issues of Country Threads....teehee! I'm going back to pick up some!
    Many Greetings and hope to visit with you on your blog!
    ~ Jes


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