March 7, 2009

Lisa and the Sky of Diamonds

My first Twilt is done.

The little gold bar says "I love you".    As you read the previous post, this is in tribute to my cousin, Lisa.  The Twilt is now in the hands of my Aunt and Uncle. 


  1. Thank You! I could have kept going on it, but I decided to leave some "space"...that word just made it's way in! I feel good about sending this to the family....Shelley, thank you for coming up with such a great project.
    I'm working on the second Twilt!
    This is embroidery in a heart shape with an Asian-flare....I hope!
    Great use of all the buttons I bought!!
    I'm a button-freak! Not kidding!

    Enjoy Sewing!
    ~ Jes

  2. Well done! Her family will cherish it I am sure.

  3. Thank you Kathy!
    A few years ago, my aunt and uncle came to visit, it was late in the summer....I had recently joined the HGTV message board and started making more quilts. So, it was time for them to say good-bye, they were traveling in their RV and at the last minute I decided to give them the quilt I had just finished.....good timing, as they traveled through Yellowstone Park, there was a freak storm and they said they bundled up in the quilt!
    The next year Hurricane Katrina came through an area that their grand-daughter's family lived in (Lisa's daughter).We sent each of the children a quilt and a note to each of them telling them how brave they were!
    So, this mini quilt will be fitting. There is a wedding coming up in their family...I'll have to start planning something!
    ~ Jes

  4. Jessica, what a beautiful way to honor her memory. It also looks like it was fun to make. You are an inspiration.

  5. Thank You, Kati! I'm really glad I had this to work on, something to put my energy into. My mom mentioned that my aunt might want to frame it - I think that's a good idea.

    You'd love making a mini, Kati!
    It's a quick project!
    I've got this other mini just about done, still have to come up with a name!

    We're SHOVELING snow again!!
    ~ Jes


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