March 22, 2009

1st Weekend of Spring

Great time to get out and
take a drive.
It's the rainy season, but that also
means snow-melting in our yards!

....a group of young deer.

Blue skies,
the temperature reached 61*.....perfect!


  1. We headed off today also and had lunch in Ellensburg. It was sunny and windy there, but snow and mixed with rain on Snoqualmie Pass where lots of folks were skiing. Spring is coming though judging by the number of bunnies foraging in our yard!

  2. Wasn't it so pretty this weekend!
    We were this (~~~~~~~) close to a group of wild turkey, I should have taken pictures, but the Tom was "marching" back and forth! The baby lambs are on this week's photo schedule, they like the deer were too far off to get to this time.
    Bunnies are cute, but I hear ya!
    Happy Spring!


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