February 28, 2009


I enjoy stargazing - it's one of my stress relievers!
As soon as all the light of the day is gone,
go outside and "catch a falling star".
Last night was clear and we enjoyed seeing
this pretty sight, a crescent moon and Venus.
Last summer we joined a group of stargazers on the weekends at the Bruneau Observatory to view the heavens. It's pretty amazing to be able to look way out into space through the big telescope and see a nebula, the Whirlpool Galaxy and then to wait and watch the International Space Station stream by!

Clouds kept us from viewing the comet last
week, Oh well........ Maybe you got to see it!

*** * ** *** * **
I'm thrilled to add Shelley Swanland's new blog to my list!
She's the author of Machine-Stitched Cathedral Windows and
Cathedral Stars.
I used the Classic Windows pattern as a table-topper for a friend's birthday,
the theme was "tea time", it made a very sweet gift.

As I flip through the pages of my copy of Cathedral Windows,
I stopped on this...... how fitting for this post!

.......check out Shelley's
Twitter Quilts post..... "Twilts"
I'm in and.....I think I have a "starry" theme in mind!

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